Our Story

The Grantchester Group was formed to bring operating executives together who have built businesses with over $1.5 billion in revenue together, to invest in valuable platform companies that have proven expertise to scale.

Our partners

Our partners have founded, built, and grown companies that have generated billions in market value.

Our operating skills, industry-specific knowledge in energy and healthcare, and our extensive networks built over the last three decades offer a distinct advantage over traditional private equity investors. We leverage our operating expertise to grow valuable companies and deliver industry-leading returns to our investors. We believe that capital is a commodity, and that proven operating expertise is the true differentiator needed to scale successful businesses and generate superior returns.

Our Goal

Our approach is rooted in strategy (selecting high-potential businesses in energy and healthcare), talent (generating growth via our operating experience and hand-picked executives sourced for our portfolio companies), and capital (a permanent capital structure backed by our family office partners). Our goal is to provide our investors the ability to make direct investments in platform companies not available on the public market.

  1. Our industry-leading operating experience delivers unparalleled value as founders navigate the path to profitable revenue growth and in the process, build a better future for the world.

Founders Message

I started my career on Wall Street and founded my first company in 1993. That marked my foray into the world of building a company from scratch, with multiple rounds of angel and institutional capital, acquisitions and ultimately sold the business for US$2.3 billion. With everything that I have learned in the trenches of building a business, this has set the stage for the Grantchester Group and Grantchester C Change.

The Grantchester Group was launched as a private equity investment firm that brings leading operating CEOs and successful entrepreneurs together. Our mission is to provide our portfolio companies not only growth capital, but extensive network and experience the Grantchester team has built over the last 30 years. Given the team’s background in electrification, healthcare and energy space, we have focused on investing in these areas.

I believe capital has the power to do more, not only in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses, but in helping to create a better future for the world. That is why we joined forces with the C Change Group, a leader in sustainable investing, in establishing the Grantchester C Change (GCC). The C Change Group is led by Russell Read, who was previously Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of some of the largest pension funds and sovereign wealth funds in the world. He was also named as one of America’s 30 most influential players in business.

Together, we look to partner with visionary entrepreneurs in the electrification and transportation space, scale their businesses and accelerate deployment of sustainable technologies. We believe that the global electric vehicle and energy storage markets are at an inflection point, with strong government support, proven technologies and innovation. Together, we look to deliver positive impact at scale.