Grantchester Group Reviews 2021 Clean Energy Investments

Introduces Grantchester Mobility & Energy Specialty Fund

SAN DIEGO, Calif—March 2022Grantchester Group (GCC) is a global investment firm specializing in electrification, infrastructure, and clean energy generation, reviews its landmark investment year in the clean energy sector and looks forward to a strong 2022. 

In early 2021, GCC invested in XOS, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of electric delivery trucks and powertrains. Shortly after GCC’s investment XOS, became a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: XOS) and embarked on an aggressive expansion program. With a customer base that includes UPS, Loomis, and more recently, FedEx, XOS in an excellent position to take advantage of the rapidly growing clean energy and sustainable market for commercial electric vehicles.

In the second quarter of 2021, GCC made an investment in UCAP Power which enabled the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies from Tesla, by providing UCAP both financial backing and strategic support. Maxwell is a well-established leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors – which are energy storage devices that charge and discharge much more rapidly than batteries; and are also lighter, safer, longer-lasting, and better for the environment.  Maxwell was founded in 1965 and was acquired by Tesla in 2019 before selling to UCAP Power with funding from Grantchester in Group 2021.

UCAP was founded by the former sales and product leadership team of Maxwell. Merged, the two companies combine manufacturing capabilities and brand recognition, delivering cutting-edge product innovation and sales expertise. Robust growth in the ultracapacitor market is driven by the transition to clean energy and electrification, most notably in automotive, transport, grid, wind, and industrial applications.

“We are very excited about the growth potential and strategic fit of both our initial investments. Both companies are in the rapidly developing clean energy space and are expected to contribute to our double bottom line objective of combining outstanding financial performance with positive social impact,” remarked Liz Griggs, Managing Partner & CEO of Grantchester Group.

Looking forward to opportunities in 2022 and beyond, we are introducing the Grantchester Mobility and Energy Specialty Fund which will invest in compelling electric vehicle, energy, and other infrastructure investment initiatives across the globe that promote sustainable and resource-efficient economic development. The fund will target high investment return standards while focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“At Grantchester, it is key to invest in opportunities that offer the right potential for growth in revenue and profitability in sectors where we can provide industry knowledge, relationships, and where our operating expertise can make a meaningful contribution,” noted Ms. Griggs. 

About Grantchester Group

Grantchester Group is an investment management firm that is actively involved in the development and execution of transformational industry strategies with world-class seasoned industry platform company partners. It strives to create value for investors by harnessing the massive growth potential of industries in the midst of significant technological change and re-tooling. Grantchester specializes in creating and fostering long-term customer and strategic partner relationships in transformational sectors. We are proud and honored to launch the Grantchester Mobility & Energy Specialty Fund bringing our investors the opportunity to invest in the sustainable high long-term growth in electrification, transportation, and related clean energy infrastructure. 

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