Grantchester C Change LLC Invests in UCAP Power, Inc.

Investment Funds Acquisition of Maxwell Technologies’ Non-Dry Electrode Ultracapacitor Business


San Diego, CA --News Direct-- Grantchester Group

Grantchester C Change Group (GCC), a global private equity investment firm specializing in electrification, infrastructure, and clean energy generation, announced its UCAP Power, Inc. investment, funding UCAP’s expansion in the ultracapacitor market with the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies. The purchase includes Maxwell’s non-dry electrode, ultracapacitor business, other related assets, and the Maxwell brand.

Liz Griggs, Managing Partner & CEO of Grantchester Group, commented, “We are excited to announce our investment into UCAP and their acquisition of Maxwell Technologies. We believe that with the global transition to electrified vehicles for both commercial and consumer use, the innate benefits ultracapacitors and their current utilization in advance power train will drive significant growth as industry research forecasts market opportunities to be more than $7 billion annually by 2027.”

Grantchester’s growth strategy focuses on expanding its investment in energy storage and vehicles electrification opportunities. It is uniquely positioned to build value and growth for companies in energy vehicles and infrastructure assets. The Grantchester management team has a proven track record of operating both public and privately held companies, working closely with their portfolio companies, leading, scaling, and investing in sustainable energy with seasoned industry partners.

“We sought the UCAP investment opportunity for their strong visionary leadership and strategic renewable energy acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, commented Russell Read, Managing Partner of Grantchester. “The growth potential for UCAP is tremendous as the global vehicle electrification, and renewable energy sectors expand. Ultracapacitors are emerging as a sought-after green energy source currently utilized in thousands of applications, including those that commonly expose typical battery technologies to failure or safety issues.”

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Grantchester C Change is an investment management company that is actively involved in the development and execution of industry transformational strategies with world-class seasoned industry platform company partners. It strives to create value for investors by harnessing the massive growth potential of industries that are in the midst of major technological change and re-tooling. Grantchester specializes in creating and fostering long-term large customer and strategic partner relationships in transformational industries as a way to reduce investor risk and ensure significant sales growth for platform companies. Some of the transformational areas Grantchester C Change is investing in include electrification, transportation, and related clean energy infrastructure. Further information can be found at

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