Grantchester C Change LLC Expands Management with Ilia A. Dubinsky

Ilia A. Dubinsky Joins GCC’s as Partner, Further Strengthening its Portfolio Management Team

SAN DIEGO, CalifSeptember 16, 2021Grantchester C Change Group (GCC), a global private equity investment firm specializing in electrification, infrastructure, and clean energy generation, announced Ilia A. Dubinsky, Ph.D. has joined its management team as a Partner. GCC’s management team has a proven track record of operating both public and privately held companies, working closely with their portfolio companies, leading, scaling, and investing in sustainable energy with seasoned industry partners.

“Joining the C Change Group is a remarkable opportunity to lead initiatives focusing on growing sustainable value thru cutting-edge technologies,” said Ilia Dubinsky, Partner of C Change Group. Developing new opportunities, driving investment funding, structuring partnerships, and helping our portfolio businesses are key focus areas for us as we grow. 

Dr. Ilia A. Dubinsky is an executive with expertise in leading investment strategy, financing, and portfolio operations for early-stage startups and foundations. As a partner with a European venture fund, Speedinvest Digital East, Ilia led investments with a global focus from their Moscow headquarters. Ilia’s experience also includes Director of Cluster of Energy-Efficient Technologies and Materials of Skolkovo Foundation, Investment Officer of International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group member), and Managing Partner at Cambridge Strategic Advisors. Dr. Dubinsky earned his master’s in physics and applied mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Science and Technology, a master’s in chemistry from the Catholic University of America, and a doctorate in physical chemistry from the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT). Ilia has also been a professor at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and a visiting professor at MIT, teaching graduate-level courses.

“We are excited to have Ilia join our team, greatly increasing our science and technology expertise and international bench strength. Ilia’s 25 years of proven experience to stand up early-stage operations in the high-tech, industrial, and public infrastructure sectors will be instrumental as we expand GCC’s portfolio,” commented Liz Griggs, Managing Partner & CEO of Grantchester Group. Ilia’s international experience coupled with his proven deal structuring and execution will help drive GCC’s investment strategy through creating sustainable value through funding both businesses and projects.”  

About Grantchester C Change

Grantchester C Change is an investment management company that is actively involved in the development and execution of transformational industry strategies with world-class seasoned industry platform company partners. It strives to create value for investors by harnessing the massive growth potential of industries in the midst of significant technological change and re-tooling. Grantchester specializes in creating and fostering large long-term customer and strategic partner relationships in transformational sectors as a way to reduce investor risk and ensure significant sales growth for platform companies. Some of the transformational areas Grantchester C Change is investing in include electrification, transportation, and related clean energy infrastructure. Further information can be found at



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