Grantchester C Change LLC

Executive Summary: Team and Strategy

Grantchester C Change (“GCC”) is a global investment firm specializing in electrification, infrastructure, clean energy generation and storage with offices in San Diego, London, and Dubai. The team at GCC has a proven track record of leading, scaling, and investing in sustainable energy with Russell Read leading the way for the largest US Pension FundCalPERS (with $350 billion of assets) to invest in clean energy and technology. Liz Griggs with Grantchester EnergyGroup has been helping hospitals to plan and build micro-grids so they have redundancy for their patients when the macro-electric grid goes down. GCC and its team are deeply involved in the both energy storage and the electrification of vehicles and is managing investments in commercial electric vehicle manufacturing companies in the electric mobility space and is strongly positioned to catalyze growth in EV and infrastructure assets. We pursue a “double bottom line” strategy to deliver best-in-class financial returns while achieving positive ESG impact. Leveraging our deep technical and operational expertise as well as an extensive industry network, we partner with founders to scale their businesses and accelerate deployment of sustainable technologies.

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